Larceny Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey Launches Unlock the Rickhouse Augmented Reality Program

— September 4, 2019

BARDSTOWN, Ky. – Larceny Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey launched the new “Unlock the Rickhouse” augmented reality app today available to download on the Apple Store and Google Play.  With this app, consumers are invited to search through the rickhouses to learn more about Larceny Bourbon, potentially win daily prizes, and enter to win the grand prize of $10,000.

To participate, consumers can simply download the new “Unlock the Rickhouse” augmented reality app on their own personal smart phone device. Once downloaded, consumers can explore the rickhouses by tapping on each one to search for a prize-winning “Fitzgerald barrel.” From Sept. 1 through Dec. 31, each tap of a rickhouse gains one entry to the grand prize of $10,000 (where legal). Daily prizes will also be awarded and include everything from a mini barrel shot glass and Larceny magnet, all the way up to a Larceny guitar or LED sign. These prizes will be sent out on a weekly basis to winning consumers.

The app was inspired by the history of John E. Fitzgerald, who as a treasury agent in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s was one of the only people legally allowed to carry the keys to the barrel storage rickhouses.  With a discerning palate for fine Bourbon, John E. Fitzgerald often used his rickhouse keys to gain access to some of the finest Bourbon barrels for himself. Those barrels from which he chose to help himself were often referred to as “Fitzgerald barrels” around the distillery. This infamous act of larceny led to the Larceny brand and has now inspired the newest augmented reality app.

“We’re excited to present an innovative augmented reality program that will allow consumers to interact with and get to know Larceny Bourbon in a very interactive and unique way,” said Heaven Hill Group Product Director, Susan Wahl. “This kind of programming concept is still fairly new to the industry, and even newer to the Whiskey category. It allows the consumer an opportunity for rich content and brings the Larceny story to life.”

The brand launched the unique program with several exciting elements, including a custom augmented reality app that allows consumers to view the Larceny rickhouses and surrounding other buildings, a grand prize sweepstakes with the chance to win $10,000, and an eye-catching in-store display to help merchandise Larceny cases and encourage in-store interaction with consumers. The interactive display features directions on how to download the app, paired with a map of the Larceny rickhouses that can be scanned in-store using the app. Additionally, select 750ml bottles feature a Z-card necker that folds out into a map of the Larceny rickhouses on one side, with instructions on how to download the app, win prizes, and enter the sweepstakes on the other. This allows for consumers to take the experience home and play daily.

The Unlock the Rickhouse program is brought to life across various media platforms such as YouTube, programmatic video, mobile, and social media including Facebook and Instagram.

Since Heaven Hill announced the launch of Larceny Bourbon in 2012, the brand has enjoyed tremendous growth and notoriety. In 2019, Larceny earned a Double Gold Medal at the SIP Awards, as well as the Tried and True award, a 93 point rating, and “Great Value” designation at the Ultimate Spirits Challenge. Additionally, the brand is a four-time Beverage Information Group “Rising Star” award winner, four-time IMPACT “Hot Prospect” brand, and was named a Top 20 Spirit in the World by Spirit Journal. Larceny Bourbon continues the Old Fitzgerald tradition of using wheat in place of rye as the secondary grain in the whiskey’s mashbill. On the palate, Larceny has a softer, rounder character that is the hallmark of the Old Fitzgerald legacy.

At an average national retail price of $24.99 for the 750ml size, Larceny is a true small batch Bourbon produced from 200 barrels or less that have been selected from Heaven Hill’s open rickhouses in Nelson County, Kentucky. Larceny has a 6-year-old taste profile and is bottled at a full-bodied 92 proof, or 46% alcohol by volume.



Emily Gahafer

Heaven Hill Brands

(502) 813-2375

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