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Say Hello to Sami Dada, Compensation Analyst

November 30, 2021

Compensation Analyst Sami Dada credits his family and coworkers for his success in life and in his career at Heaven Hill. “I have been blessed with such an amazing support system and family,” he says. “My life would be completely different today if my family had never come to America and stressed the importance of education, integrity and kindness.” Learn more about Sami, his interests and his proudest achievements.

What do you love most about working at Heaven Hill?  

My favorite thing about working at Heaven Hill is the people. Everyone is so smart, inspiring and kind. If there is ever anything I need help with I know I have a sea of people that will guide me in the right direction.  

Tell us an accomplishment you are most proud of in your career.  

At Heaven Hill I am most proud of rolling out our online onboarding and being trusted with the task within just a few months of starting here. 

Overall, I am most proud that in 2019 I was asked by a prior organization I worked for to speak on a panel with two other young HR professionals. We discussed how to attract and retain millennials, presented the data we found, and provide feedback on our own experience to an auditorium of veteran HR professionals in the Cincinnati area. I still have the connections that I made that day. 

Looking ahead, what are some things that you’re really excited about?  

From a career perspective, I’m very excited to learn everything I can, not only about the spirits industry, but also to get a deeper dive into the HR world.

Personally, I am looking forward to being able to travel again, graduating with my Master’s Degree in Business Administration in May of 2022.

What’s currently on your Spotify playlist? 

Something people may not know about me is that I am a Swifty, so currently my playlist is filled with Taylor Swift’s rerecord Red and Fearless albums. Of course, I also have to say Adele right now because of her new album 30. I am also a huge fan of Megan Thee Stallion and Lil Nas X.   

What is your all-time favorite book and why?  

My all-time favorite book is “The Other Wes Moore” by Wes Moore because the book follows two black males both named Wes Moore who grew up in the Bronx in New York City. One Wes Moore grew up to be successful and worked for Obama and the other Wes Moore ended up serving life in prison and was never able to get himself out of the bad pattern he was born into. The story’s purpose is to make others conscious of the choices they make to show how a small decision can make a big impact on their lives. It also shows how family shapes who we are and stresses that without support, most people have little chance of achieving success. 

This book is my favorite because as a black, queer, & immigrant man it can sometimes feel as though the world is cheering for my downfall or for me not to succeed and I have been blessed with such an amazing support system and family. My life would be completely different today if my family had never come to America and stressed the importance of education, integrity, and kindness. My life could have been completely different, which I do not think would have been better than this.  

Using three words, how would you describe #LifeAtHeavenHill?  

Open-Minded, Flexible, & Generous

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