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Happy Mother’s Day from Heaven Hill

May 6, 2022

Heaven Hill is proud to have many working parents as part of our team. We understand that it’s important for parents to have the flexibility to spend time with their families while also succeeding in their career. We sat down with Chris McGarvey, Senior HR Business Partner, to learn more about how Heaven Hill supports her as a working mom of three to 10-year-old twins Clara and Wilson and three-year-old, Greta.

Tell us a bit about how you balance your professional and home life as a working mom.

The most important way I find balance is having a purposeful career that energizes me. I also do a lot of planning. Some days I feel like I am working the logistics hub at UPS. And if one thing gets off track, I have to rework the entire day. I love spontaneity, and, at this point in my life, spontaneity is deciding to stop at the grocery store on the way home from work.

How does Heaven Hill support you being a working mom?

I feel comfortable and encouraged to bring my whole self to work. I appreciate that family is important to Heaven Hill, and I feel everyone, not just leadership, genuinely cares for other Heaven Hill employees. I was recently in a meeting with the Finance team, when the Chief Financial Officer, who is also a parent, looked over and said, “You have something on you. Is that a sticker?” I reached around my back and pulled off a PJ Masks sticker that Wilson put on me as prank when I dropped him off at school after a dentist appointment. We all laughed and moved on with the meeting.

What do you like to do for fun with your family?

We like being outside. We have two tandem bikes and a baby seat on one, so we look like a circus act when we ride bikes together. We made up a game with another family (The Crosbys), and we play McCrosby ball, which is a spin on Capture the Flag. I love rainy days and piling up in bed and reading books. The video game, Just Dance, was a fam-favorite for a few months. Let’s just say there is never a dull moment.

What is your favorite thing about being a mom?

I love learning. I learn something new about myself Every. Single. Day. I learn unconditional love, self-compassion, do-overs, frustration, most importantly, how to do better the next day to inspire and motivate three little people that have my heart. Clara and Wilson were born at 26 weeks and spent 99 days in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Many days were touch and go, and their long-term prognoses were frightening.  I am so grateful for healthy kids. I recognize how fortunate I am to happily celebrate Mother’s Day. My heart goes out to the women who have lost a child, battled infertility, or have a painful relationship with their mothers. May you find something that brings you happiness on this day.

We’re proud to have Chris and many other mothers and parents on our team. Thank you for all you do to support Heaven Hill!

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